Used Cuplok 10mtr x 5mtr Kit

Used Cuplok 10mtr x 5mtr Kit
£1,648.20 £1,977.84

Our most popular cuplok package

Used Cuplok System Scaffolding ideal for builders, developers, renovation project, any project

Enough good quality equipment to erect a scaffold 10m long x 5.0m high platform.

The items included are listed below:-
  • 17 No. 3m Standards
  • 3 No. 2m Standards
  • 32 No. 2.5m Ledgers
  • 19 No. 1.3m Ledgers
  • 7no 1.3m Intermediate Transoms
  • 2 No. 2m x 2.5m Bay Braces
  • 10 No. Adjustable Base Jacks 
  • 12 No. 3.9m Scaffold Boards (new)
  • 6 No. 2.4m Scaffold Boards (new)
  • 2 No. 1.3m Stop End Toe Boards (new) 
  • 9 No. Toe Board Couplers 
  • 1 No. Steel Stillage (Pallet )

The equipment will all be stacked in 1 No. Four Post Steel Stillage, with a total weight of approx 1400 Kg

Other configurations are available !

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